Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Time to Turn, Heartbeat gets fast.

Peace be upon you and hello my dear readers.

"I am sweating now...
moving slow,
no time to think,
my time to go...:

I bet you guys have heard the lyrics. Yeah! It is Rihanna's song, Russian Roullette. But, please do not get me wrong. I do not put the lyrics to symbolize I am going to kill myself by pulling trigger to my head.  I am just interested with the lyrics as coincidentally, these four lines of lyrics can also describing a person who gets nervous when they have to talk in front of others. Regardless of their status, whether they are working or studying, it is common to have nervous. Otherwise, you may deliver such a horrible presentation due to your over-confidence. On top of that, the lyrics really get me to the moment of my debate competition two years ago.

We do know that debate competition is not as easy as an ABC. It really needs hard work and patient. It is undeniably true when we get mentally exhausted as we have to think much to clarify and find evidence for each topic. This including statistics, citations, facts and etc. Then, when we are in the middle of the battlefield, we have no turning back. We really have to fight, no surrender! I know how does it feel. Everything seems to mix up. And somehow we may lose focus till we do not know what  we are supposed to say. That is the time we look pathetic. However, it is common thing that always happen to those beginners or even experienced debater. Extrinsic factors including audience, judges, the opposition and even ourselves are the greatest fear surround us when we are on the stage. Only practice and well-prepared will help debaters to stay calm and speak fluently.

I do interested to be Malay debater for one more time. It is not for fun or leisure, but it is for satisfaction. Satisfaction that will not be comprehended by non-debaters. 

This is how debate competition goes.

Oh My! This is so not debate competition. It is kinda arguing one to another.

I wish to be one of them. Will be.


One thing for sure,

For those who would like to be debaters.

Anyhow, best of luck! 

With love,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feel Sorry for Kinesthetic Learners

Peace be upon you and hello my dear readers.

Take a look at the picture above. 
What do you think about the child whom is arranging blocks following its order? 

Initially, it may look interesting as the child is sort of playing alone by arranging the blocks according to its color or  its broad base. But, let us think again. What is he actually trying to do? Does he learn something? How does he manage to arrange those blocks? These questions demand explanation!  

My dear readers, this is what people around do not really know about learning styles they possess in which it is very essential for students especially, thus, they will be able to figure out what kind of techniques suit their learning styles. People are different in most part of lives. And surely, we are different in learning too! That is why there are good and weak students in schools and higher institutions. 

Basically, the picture shown above represents one of the learning styles known as "Kinesthetic style", whilst another two styles are; 1)visual style & 2)auditory style. Since I was born as kinesthetic learner, allow me to elaborate more on the technique. Most probably people seem not too pay their attention to a group of people like me as though we are not having any problems. Yet, I would say that being a kinesthetic learner is likely a sufferer whom her predicament meets no end. 

Let me clarify what is actually being meant by kinesthetic learner. You, my lovely readers may take a look at notes below;

Kinesthetic learners typically learn best by doing. They are naturally good at physical activities like sports and dance. They enjoy learning through hands-on methods. They typically like how-to guides and action-adventure stories. They might pace while on the phone or take breaks from studying to get up and move around. Some kinesthetic learners seem fidgety, having a hard time sitting still in class.
(Melissa Kelly,2011)

Accordingly, a kinesthetic learner learns best by doing, for instance, manipulating items, stimulation and role plays methods that physically involve them in the learning process. Just like the child in the photo; he is figuring out himself how to arrange the blocks, so he can make a tall building whose stable enough. The child is applying all the theories which associate with stability of the blocks through practicality. Consequently, he will be more understand on how the theories work rather than paying attention to lectures in classes, yet, he gains nothing, by which, his presence is likely meaningless. Whenever this type of learners are not capable of comprehending what have been thought, they may fall asleep easily or start to shift their attention to other work.


Getting bored...

This is what Melissa Kelly meant by stating that kinesthetic learners having a hard time sitting still in class. It is not because they do not focus, but it is actually they have difficulties to understand something through lectures. They need to move, do some work, hands-on and etc. 

Seeing that our educational system is based on exam-oriented, which students have to listen to lectures and keep memorizing notes given, group of educators suppose to find the gateway of this quandary. Otherwise, kinesthetic learners do not have the opportunity to score better in their assignments, tests or examinations. It is kind of racist if such thing happens. Don't you think so? I have found out some to help them and they are;-
  1. Provide students as many opportunities as your curriculum warrants to complete hands-on work.
  2. Allow students to role play to gain further understanding of key concepts.
  3. Provide students with the opportunity to work in a small discussion group as they study materials.
  4. If possible, plan a field trip than can help reinforce key concepts.
  5. Allow students to stretch partially through the class if they seem to become restless.

As a person who has experienced it much, I really feel sorry for them and myself too. But, there are still ways to cope. What can I say, do not ever give up as chances are everywhere. We are the only one who have to seek it, thus, we could reach the succeed. I do hope that educators will help kinesthetic learners fairly. They are humans, have feelings and thoughts. It just people who do not be aware of their dilemmas. They may look "blur", but when they have understood particular facts, they will be okay. I believe, it is hard to be explained, but, please do not ignore them. Plus, 

"When there is a will, there is a way."

In short, there must be solutions for it. =))

P/s: I may describe kinesthetic learners are likely disable learners, but actually, I really want
my readers understand by putting themselves in those kinesthetic learners' shoes. What will they feel and etc. They are suffering outside there if they are neglected. Think dear

With love,

January Begins.

When 2010 said goodbye, 2011 begins its way.

everyone starts to make wishes, prepares their mental and physical fitness,
just to live their lives.

One more year to have nice and sweet date. =)

We are now in January, a month as a symbol of new year, consisting of 31 days and 744 hours.

So, my dear friends, what are you waiting for? Be quick! Start to plan your 2011 resolution though we are in 13th January already. I guess it is still not too late. At least, you guys still have plans to be implemented, goals to be pursued and dreams to be achieved. Come on! Get back on your track, start the car, and let's race! Life is like a game. You are just on your own. and one thing for sure...

1st come, 1st serve!

Since I listed down some of my 2011 resolution as followed, hence, I would like to share with you guys mine. You may take a look at those:-

1)be more focus and committed with studying
2)put much effort to achieve better result
3)never say never to study and stay late at night

1)families first
2)prioritize friends
3)live my life-pressure is good, yet capable to handle it
4)do not forget sports to keep healthy

1)Strive for my expertise in debate field

Those are some of my new year's resolution. Simple yet hard to be carried out without discipline and perseverance. Personally, I wish this new year will bring lots of happiness in my life and enlighten my days onward. Since I got just ordinary result for my 1st semester in Bachelor of Education, I really need to work hard. or else failure will be mine. That is what those resolution  are for. Undeniable that I do feel upset, but that does not mean I will simply give up. I believe, my endeavor will be paid someday. God willing.

So, guys, before I end up this post, I really want to seek your forgiveness for all my wrongdoings or I might hurt you before. We'd better forgive and forget the past as well as start all over again. Oh ya! Thousand of thanks to you guys for everything you did for me. I won't forget that. Pray for our success, and we will be meeting soon after graduates. 

With that, thank you.

These purposely drop by here just to say:
<3 <3 <3

With love,