Saturday, January 15, 2011

No Time to Turn, Heartbeat gets fast.

Peace be upon you and hello my dear readers.

"I am sweating now...
moving slow,
no time to think,
my time to go...:

I bet you guys have heard the lyrics. Yeah! It is Rihanna's song, Russian Roullette. But, please do not get me wrong. I do not put the lyrics to symbolize I am going to kill myself by pulling trigger to my head.  I am just interested with the lyrics as coincidentally, these four lines of lyrics can also describing a person who gets nervous when they have to talk in front of others. Regardless of their status, whether they are working or studying, it is common to have nervous. Otherwise, you may deliver such a horrible presentation due to your over-confidence. On top of that, the lyrics really get me to the moment of my debate competition two years ago.

We do know that debate competition is not as easy as an ABC. It really needs hard work and patient. It is undeniably true when we get mentally exhausted as we have to think much to clarify and find evidence for each topic. This including statistics, citations, facts and etc. Then, when we are in the middle of the battlefield, we have no turning back. We really have to fight, no surrender! I know how does it feel. Everything seems to mix up. And somehow we may lose focus till we do not know what  we are supposed to say. That is the time we look pathetic. However, it is common thing that always happen to those beginners or even experienced debater. Extrinsic factors including audience, judges, the opposition and even ourselves are the greatest fear surround us when we are on the stage. Only practice and well-prepared will help debaters to stay calm and speak fluently.

I do interested to be Malay debater for one more time. It is not for fun or leisure, but it is for satisfaction. Satisfaction that will not be comprehended by non-debaters. 

This is how debate competition goes.

Oh My! This is so not debate competition. It is kinda arguing one to another.

I wish to be one of them. Will be.


One thing for sure,

For those who would like to be debaters.

Anyhow, best of luck! 

With love,

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