Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Begins.

When 2010 said goodbye, 2011 begins its way.

everyone starts to make wishes, prepares their mental and physical fitness,
just to live their lives.

One more year to have nice and sweet date. =)

We are now in January, a month as a symbol of new year, consisting of 31 days and 744 hours.

So, my dear friends, what are you waiting for? Be quick! Start to plan your 2011 resolution though we are in 13th January already. I guess it is still not too late. At least, you guys still have plans to be implemented, goals to be pursued and dreams to be achieved. Come on! Get back on your track, start the car, and let's race! Life is like a game. You are just on your own. and one thing for sure...

1st come, 1st serve!

Since I listed down some of my 2011 resolution as followed, hence, I would like to share with you guys mine. You may take a look at those:-

1)be more focus and committed with studying
2)put much effort to achieve better result
3)never say never to study and stay late at night

1)families first
2)prioritize friends
3)live my life-pressure is good, yet capable to handle it
4)do not forget sports to keep healthy

1)Strive for my expertise in debate field

Those are some of my new year's resolution. Simple yet hard to be carried out without discipline and perseverance. Personally, I wish this new year will bring lots of happiness in my life and enlighten my days onward. Since I got just ordinary result for my 1st semester in Bachelor of Education, I really need to work hard. or else failure will be mine. That is what those resolution  are for. Undeniable that I do feel upset, but that does not mean I will simply give up. I believe, my endeavor will be paid someday. God willing.

So, guys, before I end up this post, I really want to seek your forgiveness for all my wrongdoings or I might hurt you before. We'd better forgive and forget the past as well as start all over again. Oh ya! Thousand of thanks to you guys for everything you did for me. I won't forget that. Pray for our success, and we will be meeting soon after graduates. 

With that, thank you.

These purposely drop by here just to say:
<3 <3 <3

With love,

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